About us

More and more people are affected by stroke or other neurological disorder these days due to various causes.

This also means that more families are learning what it means to live with someone dealing the aftermath of a stroke or neurological conditions, its likely that it happens suddenly and it makes difficult to get used to the new situation and may means that some hopes and expectations for the future have to be changed or put on hold, The severity of the cases will vary greatly depending on the overall health and particular circumstances that led to the stroke but one thing is sure: this is a difficult and sometimes frightening time for those family members and friends around.

The functional recovery after stroke or other condition will differ according to their severity of the problem.

Too many induviduals who have potential to recover and return to their work or leisure are being unable to access to the specialized Neuro Rehabilitation to their recovery and  live independently- despite the fact that there is lack of awareness among caregiver or patient him/herself about Specialized Rehabilitation which gives good results in short period of time.

We would like do FREE ASSESSMENT to identify those Young adults or those less than 55 years old or senior who determined to recover and regain maximal independence.

For this suitable candidate we would like to offer our intensive Rehab program at affordable fee, our intensive program consists of latest principle in Neuro rehabilitation.

Weeks, Months, Years after initial problem the recovery is still possible.

There is much better reason to consider choosing us.