Our effective rehabilitation is only focused on science and evidence based concepts in treating the individuals with neurological disorders, we use latest  techniques and  other widely used  techniques  that are evolving

  • Bobath Concept
  • NDT- Neuro developmental Treatments
  • PNF- Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation
  • MRP- Motor Relearning Programme
  • FES- Functional electrical stimulation
  • CIMT- Constraint induced movement theraphy
  • BIT- Bilateral Isokinematic Training
  • Brainstorm Concepts
  • Mirror box therapy
  • Saebo/Functional Tone Management
  • Hi-Mat/ functional training

A skilled neuro-physiotherapy can often dramatically relieve symptoms and improve confidence and maximize the person’s recovery and help them achieve optimal function

Treatment plan will be aimed to:

  • maintain  flexibility and prevents contractures
  • maintain better circulation
  • teach bed mobility
  • improving posture and maximising trunk mobility to minimise breathing complications
  • appropriate stretching exercises
  • Respiratory exercises and techniques to maintain clear lung volumes
  • regaining control of the muscles and joints affected
  • Help to minimise postural asymmetries
  • training normal mobility and balance
  • improve perception and body awareness
  • minimise abnormal patterns of movement Activate appropriate muscles to perform activities
  • teaching to compensate strategies to overcome certain problems
  • address and treat secondary problems
  • prevent fatigue/deconditioning
  • Teaching the appropriate Strategies and   exercises to deal with the difficulties experienced in daily activities
  • Appropriate selection and Use of  equipment and aids to maximise mobility
  • How family/ carers can help with to exercise and handling the patient
  • restore confidence in the ability to regain function to their maximum level