Giving up the therapy after stroke!

There is myth about stroke rehab “recovery windows closed in 6 months after stroke “however, many clinical studies proves there is meaningful and significant improvement even after years after stroke with suitable therapy

Exercises not only improve function or muscle strength of a stroke survivor, a intensive and repetitive exercise essentially rewire the brain, enabling to regain some real control no matter how severe is the stroke

In olden days there were limited understanding of neuro plasticity (brain that adapting to new changes in its net work), the treatment was focusing only on initial recovery after stroke,so health professional had no chance to monitor the patients long term progress so their understanding was the first 6 month deadline to recover, unfortunately the 6 month deadline to recover myth still exists even today

So this myth puts the patient and family in greater fear whom already struggling to cope up with new situation

Also many give up seeking therapy after 6 month assuming further treatment will not bring any improvement, which is devastation

We have well documented functional recovery of those clients who began their therapy with us only after 6 months or years of initial neurological incident

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