Welcome you to AKILIN’S Neurological  physio rehabilitation center,

We provide intensive and interactive Neurological rehabilitation programs for chronic and acute neurological clients with all levels of disability; Neurophysiotherapy provides rehabilitation to patients who have had an injury to their nervous system from either disease or other medical events.

Neurological physiotherapy is now seen as essential to road to recovery from nerological disorders or conditions.

The goals of a neurological rehabilitation program are to helping the individual to regain highest level of function and independence, and improving the overall quality of life.

We offer comprehensive outpatient physical therapy program for the individuals to help to progress towards independent daily tasks. Our centre is well equipped for neurological rehabilitation. Our therapists evaluate the specific needs of the patient. We provide combination of science and evidence based techniques for effective treatment plan tailored to each individual’s needs.

Our physiotherapists have obtained a University degree in Physiotherapy and have 10 years experience in working with patients with neurological disorders. We maintain the highest standards of professional practice by constant development through advanced studies.